Competence building

A card game for small groups. The purpose of the game is to help us players discover their strengths and use these to prepare for job interviews.

Technical Interview

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how to behave when being interviewed for a job. By interviewing your fellow students and /or observing them being interviewed, you will learn the importance of good communication skills and presenting yourself well before a prospective employer. The interviews will be videotaped and analysed with the participants.

CV Writing

This workshop shows you how to get a job with an appropriate CV. It will be split into interactive parts, including basic information such as “Tips & Tricks”, “Check List”, “Do’s & Don’ts” etc. The workshop will also allow the participants to edit and analyse CV’s in small groups as well as to learn all they want to know about CV’s .

Witnesses: true life experience

The ‘Witnesses’ workshop is a chance for a volunteer witness to talk about their experience of professional life. It will be organised around a short presentation of the witness’ background and experience of looking for a job / working in a professional environment, together with tips, and time for questions from participants.

Presentation skills: How to dress for which job

The styling workshop is session showing what presentation skills to have in mind when preparing for an interview. It will be based on an interactive PowerPoint presentation with pictures of various people dressed up for specific jobs and participants will be asked to give their feedback as to the appropriate/less appropriate way depending on the job description.

Online tips for job seeking

During this workshop you will get tips on how to use the internet to find a job. We will handle three major topics:

1. Online job seeking
2. Fun but safe and responsible use of social networks
3. Online preparation of your interview